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Questions for Jesus Course
The Questions for Jesus Course walks a small group or team through an 8 -week process of learning to pray out of their deepest desires. The course is based on the book, Questions for Jesus by Tony Stoltzfus, and the Questions for Jesus Group Guide, both available through

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Free Videos
The following short videos describe some of the key concepts behind the MetaFormation approach to change.

In this first video, Tony Stoltzfus describes the three levels of the heart, how behavior originates with desire and how Jesus' way of change happens from the inside out.



Tony unpacks James chapter 4, and shows how we often ask for our deep desires in ways God can't answer.



Here's how to ask Jesus the questions he most longs to answer, and take your conversation with him to a deeper level. Based on the book, Questions for Jesus by Tony Stoltzfus.



Learn how our emotional and rational brains differ, and why the emotional brain gives a truer picture of what is in our hearts than our rational side does.



Discover the deep desires that drive your behavior by understanding the responses your emotional brain makes.



Want to take people to Jesus for their own encounter instead of doing the praying yourself? Author and master coach Tony Stoltzfus shows you how.

"Even after reading what the training was all about I still did not comprehend that [it] would challenge me on so many levels. Even the word "challenge" is an understatement. I think I expected it to touch me on a cognitive level only, sort of business as usual. It was definitely not business as usual! I am so looking forward to Relating from the Heart and Living from the Heart...

"My life is forever changed. I realize I have not "arrived" but have come to another level of healing and growing. I am committed to this journey, no matter the cost. I will settle for nothing less than transforming, relating, and living from the heart."

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