Doing Training Jesus' Way
      Jesus taught us the secret to transforming behavior: that actions spring from the heart. Changing our actions doesn't start on the outside, with discipline, but on the inside, when Jesus touches your deepest desires. The power of the MetaFormation process is that we train the way Jesus does change: from the inside out.

Think of it like this. Traditional teaching methods aren't very good at touching the heart. A seminar or classroom setting engages us at the head level, but what impacts our hearts most deeply are conflicts, romance, close friends, failure and achievement--in other words, experiences and relationships.

      So MetaFormation turns the classroom inside out. Instead of trying to teach about the heart using a talking-head approach, we create relational experiences that tune you in to what is going on inside.

Like Nothing You've Ever Seen
     This experiential approach makes our workshops different than anything you've ever been to. You'll be caught up in stimulating learning games, take a trip to heaven, participate in powerful, live demos where we drill down to the heart level, and repeatedly encounter Jesus speaking to you as you pray your desire. You'll teach each other instead of being taught, coach your peers, meet Jesus in works of art and music, and celebrate breakthroughs with acts of worship. We'll engage every sense and every part of you, and you will get to know your own heart like never before.

The Courses
     We offer three courses, each covering a different gateway to the heart and feature a different Taste of Heaven encounter:

     While the natural progression is to begin with Transforming the Heart, you may take the courses in any order. Each includes a 3.5 day workshop, 8 weeks of follow-up in a facilitated peer team (done virtually), and course manual.

"A significant experience in understanding how life change happens."

Apostolic Leader

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