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     Relationship touches the heart powerfully (we were created for it, after all), so it is an integral part of the MetaFormation training approach. Everything you experience in an LMI workshop happens within a close-knit team of four that you choose. Teams laugh, cry, share and learn together, bonding to an incredible depth for such a short time. Heart EncounterYou'll meet with that same team virtually (by phone or skype) for 8 weeks after the workshop, deepening your connection while helping each other apply and live out what you've learned. The relationships you'll form are one of the most valuable and lasting elements of your MetaFormation experience.
     By limiting workshops to small groups (a maximum of 32) and creating deep, powerful experiences like the Taste of Heaven that you all share, we are able to create safe, authentic relationships among participants very quickly. .

What Makes Us Different

  • Work in a relational team
  • 8 weeks of team follow-up included
  • small cohorts
  • Personal access to workshop leaders

Accessible Leaders
     Our commitment to small cohorts gives you (and every participant) the opportunity to interact personally with your workshop presenter as well as the rest of our team. The best way to learn to engage life from the heart is to be around leaders who live from their hearts. A big reason you'll get more from a MetaFormation workshop is the level of personal touch and relational attention we offer. While this approach is more labor intensive (and costly) than simply teaching hundreds at a time from the platform, the level of personal impact is incredible.

“The transparency of my team is awesome. The friendship is amazing, and being able to work through this journey with like-minded people is outstanding.”

"I have just come off my weekly Skype call and I feel—Ahhhh—this is amazing grace! Seven Skype calls after our November workshop, and this has been a miracle to experience and marvel at the transformation of each one of our hearts since we first met! Transforming the Heart has rocked my life. "


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