"At the conclusion of the Transforming the Heart workshop in November, I was overwhelmed and entirely unable to articulate my thoughts and feelings.  I want to try now.
      "Over a decades-long process, I had begun to see that all of my efforts to change me and my heart from a cerebral approach had met with failure. Every time. When I first read about the workshop, I knew it was what I needed. And it scared me. There was a confidence to press on that could only have come from the loving heart of the Father. I went shopping for waterproof mascara, and prepared for a nasty, messy, heart transformation! 
      "I was horrified when I realized the context that our 'greatest accomplishments' were to be shared in [in front of the whole group]. Ashamed. Embarrassed. All the years of being desperate to please God, and I could point to nothing that demonstrated I had. 

      ...I was raised in the church but I was never taught how to interact with Jesus, the Father, Holy Spirit, in the intimate ways you coached us. How to allow Jesus into my heart in a way that changes me. 
      All my life I have heard that God loves me. And I believed it because I know that that is who He is. At Transforming the Heart, for the first time in my life, I saw God smile at me. I SAW HIM SMILING AT ME! And I have not been the same. Nothing about life looks as it did. It was like my life was a messy Rubik’s cube that I have spent decades trying to align. In a moment, every piece shifted into place. I am whole. Still on the journey, but whole. 

      In the end, I didn't need my waterproof mascara. No 'ugly' crying. But there were interactions with my Father that largely bypassed my mind and my emotions, and changed my heart. Thank-you God!

      " I attended the Transforming the Heart conference in February and wanted to let you know it was life changing. I came expecting to gain tools to use in ministry and ended up receiving some of the most profound personal breakthrough I’ve ever experienced. 
      I’ve spent almost 20 years in ministry. I’ve always had big dreams and desires, but felt too inadequate to pursue them. My thought was always, “As soon as I improve in this area or that, then I’ll pursue the dream.” The problem was there was always another ‘area’ that needed improvement.
      I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I left that conference with a deep knowledge that I will always be somewhat broken in my humanity. There will always be areas that aren’t perfectly fixed. . . . and it’s ok. God knew it when He gave me the dream. I began to hear His voice in a new way. Not just the voice of correction . . . the voice of approval. Wow.

      Well, I’m pursuing the dream. Within the past two weeks, I’ve seen God put puzzle pieces into place that I’ve been waiting on for over 13 years. I’m thinking maybe He was just waiting on me. I did bring home some valuable tools for ministry, too: the Desires Wheel and the teaching on unmet / twisted desires really clicked and I've been able to apply it in ministry.
      You blessed me. Your teaching on transformation is phenomenal. Thanks for pouring into us.

     I received a personal breakthrough during the Relational Engaging encounter. Briefly, I was saved in my late 30s and baptized shortly thereafter. Of course, I was filled with great joy. I had no church experience to speak of, and ... the reactions I got from the saints I found very confusing. They acted as if they had arrived somewhere, and I hadn't. No one explained anything to me.
      Because of my tendency to withdraw and withhold when feeling threatened, I remained aloof from the saints and was reluctant to become involved in service activities, except once.

      I hounded the pastor of the Foursquare church I was attending until he took me to see the district supervisor. Naturally, I was given an extremely small church to pastor. I thought being a pastor was the only way to serve; no one told me any different.  
      It only took me six weeks to figure out that that wasn't my call. The consequence was that I felt like a failure and have always held back from serving, without being aware of it. I retrained and got a job to support my family.
      So, when the men in my group last week began treating me very differently, I lost it. I cried. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I came to realize that I had been waiting for this kind of fellowship for 30 years. My own brokenness kept me waiting for 30 years!

“Powerful, profound and accessible… I have been incredibly blessed, moved and impacted.”

“The first session made the [2000 mile] trip worthwhile.”
Para-church Director

“We could hardly communicate for a few days afterward about what had happened to us.”
Business Owner

“I came unglued [during the Taste of Heaven]…”

“This was an incredible experience for me personally… [I had] some significant spiritual breakthroughs.”

“It came at you in waves… [God's love and acceptance] went on so long that you just couldn't resist.”

“A significant experience in understanding how life change happens.”
Apostolic Leader


“This was such an intense workshop…Loved it, loved it, loved it! I got what I came for.”
Missions Leader

“We had such a huge experience.”
Business Leader

“The MetaFormation event was full of surprises for me, one being the “little taste of heaven,” which was presented and prepared in extraordinary detail by Tony’s team... I truly caught a glimpse of what it might feel like to be ushered into our eternal glory by the Lord Himself, and the experience was quite profound for me—one I will never forget! Another take-away has been learning to more effectively coach around people’s deepest needs, longings, and desires, and I now find myself listening to my clients in a new way, offering them more awareness as they identify the God-given need behind the behavior they want to change, then discovering together more appropriate ways to see those needs being met. Both my clients and I have greatly benefitted from the MetaFormation event, and I’m hoping to attend more in the future.

Dr. Myra Perrine
Church Resource Ministries, Life Coach & PeEncountering Godople Development

“We travelled across the country for the event and it was 100% worth the cost and the time invested. I came back a better man, business owner, husband and father than when I left town. Thank you Tony and staff for working hard to prepare for our visit, this was truly a transformational experience.”

Dr. Brian P. Simon
Owner, Simon Homes

"Dave and I are so thankful that we attended. We both got clarification about what our core desires are, and also can see how our relationship is impacted by our twisted desires. These were really helpful tools. Thanks, Tony, for your vulnerability as you taught!"

Nancy Harper
YWAM Missions Leader

“I really felt the mood was set perfectly with the "Entering into Heaven" experience. From there my heart was softened and open to be free to hear others speak into my life as well as speaking truth to those in small groups. I would have to say the part of the class that touched my heart the most was watching Tony teach and see the pure passion he has for seeing people find freedom through truth. To see someone give their heart and soul to helping others find true happiness and freedom was refreshing and life giving in itself. I would recommend people from all walks of life to experience this process knowing that we all have areas in need of Light. Thank you Tony!”

Kenton McClung

“Thank you so much for a great experience. I learned how deeper change can take place through tapping into emotions and having a different experience. It was personally healing and expanded the tools that I can use for ministry. The friendships and materials were very enriching.”

Nadine Sandoz
Nebraska AG School of Ministry Director

“I have a few thoughts to share and thanks for all of your work. The teaching on the pathways in the brain was the most helpful to me. The understanding of the 'emotional pathway and the relational pathway' will be a great help as I coach and lead. I pray for God's blessing on your ministry.”

Dwight Sandoz
Nebraska AG District Executive

“Tony Stoltzfus is one of the most genuine, caring, skilled and helpful people you are ever likely to meet during your time on this earth. His passion for each person to experience the healing, empowering love of Jesus is only second only to his own passion to know the Lord himself.”

Danny Silk
Senior Management Team - Bethel Church, Redding, CA

All the testimonies at left came from a single event in June, 2012
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