Encounter Coaching Certification Requirements
We offer two Encounter Coaching certifications: a Continuing Ed version for existing coaches who want further training, and a Full Certification for those who want to become a coach.

Full Version
If you are new to coaching, LM's full certification program will get you started down the exciting path of coaching transformational change. Here's what's required:

Continuing Ed Version
If you are already a coach and want to add to your toolkit, you're on the Continuing Education track. You get credit for the basic coaching skills you already have, and almost everything you'll learn will probably be new. Continuing Ed participants complete the following:

More Details
     Want to know more? Check out these resources:

I became aware [in the workshop] that now God actually trusts me with hearts to love; hearts to see. This new love, powered by God's agenda for hearts in my life, is being lavished on people within all my spheres of influence. Two students became saved in the science class I teach, and my class is better than it has ever been before. My students even picked topics revealing deep places of personal struggle for their presentations, and they rallied around each other creating security, trust, care and community). People are getting healed, and they experience my acceptance not for their performance, but because of who they are."

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