Building Your Intimacy
      Praying your desire is one of our most powerful tools, with breathrough after breakthrough reported by those who use it. For instance, yesterday a friend dropped off a book he'd just published--based entirely on the conversation with Jesus he began at one of our workshops!
     To spread this simple way to build intimacy, we've begun offering the Questions for Jesus Course. Designed to introduce church groups, coaches and ministries to praying their desires, this 8-session, on-line or in-person course teaches the basics of how the heart works, how to identify your deepest desires (for things like love, significance, belonging or peace) and how to create experiential encounters where Jesus fills those desires.
     Check our calendar page for upcoming offerings, or call us at 800-234-2197 to discuss setting up a class for your group. We also have a one-day Questions for Jesus Workshop we can bring to your church--contact us for details.

Offer a Course Yourself
     Or, purchase the Questions for Jesus Group Guide and offer the class yourself! This facilitator's guide (available in printed or electronic format) includes 8 session outlines, handouts, a PowerPoint presentation, on-line session videos, promotional materials and more. A Questions for Jesus DVD with HD videos is also available at

Course Sessions
  • Week 1: Building an Atmosphere
  • Week 2: Jeremiah’s Experiment
  • Week 3: The Emotional Brain
  • Week 4: Drilling Down to Desire
  • Week 5: Desire within Dreams
  • Week 6: Constructing Desire Prayers
  • Week 7: Desire and Change
  • Week 8: Going Forward
"After that workshop, my times with God became almost like dictation--just trying to get down on paper everything he was telling me.".

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