Building a Movement
      Leadership MetaFormation was launched in 2011 by Tony Stoltzfus to begin a movement aimed at transforming 100,000 leaders around the world. Tony is a well-known leader in the Christian coaching field, the author of 10 books and founder of several coaching schools and training organizations. His work with senior leaders in painful transitions (which are often caused by their own brokenness or the brokenness of others) has given him a passion for building leaders who are truly whole and able to finish well.

      Through LM's training courses, we aim to touch 100,000 leaders, who will:

  • Personally encounter Jesus at the heart level and be transformed
  • Practice the disciplines that keep the heart open to transformation
  • Have the skills to coach others to engage from the heart
  • Build organizational cultures of heart engaging and transformation

      Our first institute is located among the the beautiful mountains of Northern California in Redding, and is targeted at ministry and para-church leaders. Our initial focus is on organizational leaders in the ministry sphere: senior pastors in their legacy-leaving years, emerging leaders with a large-sphere call, and leaders of para-church organizations.
      Once the prototype school is fully developed, we will seek out entrepreneurial partners to launch sister institutes in every sector of global society. Our long-term goal is to produce transformational leaders in business, the arts, politics, healthcare and more, in a wide variety of cultures and languages. By building a network of independent schools linked together by a common curriculum, learning method and mission, we will train 100,000 transformational leaders over the next 25 years, ultimately impacting millions of lives for the Kingdom of God.

We transform culture by transforming organizations, transform organizations by transforming leaders, and transform leaders with heart-level encounters with Jesus.

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