What We Do
      Leadership MetaFormation trains leaders in the art of engaging God from the heart. We change the way you experience change, from your devotional life to one-to-one ministry to leading your organization. We'll help you reorient everything around encountering Jesus in our deepest desires.

      The three key things you'll take away from LMI training are:
  • An amazing personal transformation, through encounter with Jesus and your own heart
  • Powerful skills for coaching the heart and transforming others
  • Leadership skills and tools for building transformational cultures in your organization

      The key to this transformation is deepening your personal conversation with Jesus. His way of change begins with a heart-level encounter where he fills the fundamental desires that drive behavior--things like acceptance, belonging, freedom and significance. Desire fulfilled in relationship with God is the missing key to changed behavior. When he injects life into the core of our being, that life then works its way upward into our identity, thoughts and actions--and everything changes.

And there's more. Once you've experienced this way of transformation, we'll give you the practical tools to replicate what's happened in you into others. And that leads to the ultimate goal: building leadership cultures in families, churches, and organizations where engaging God from the heart becomes normal, everyday life.

     If what you want is more real transformation in your life and leadership, learn more here about MetaFormation's courses and our innovative training process.

"I truly caught a glimpse of what it might feel like to be ushered into our eternal glory... and the experience was quite profound for me—one I will never forget!"

Ministry Leader

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