Get a Coaching Certification!
Become a  Certified Encounter Coach through LM's al- new coaching training program. With a focus on bringing Jesus right into the coaching conversation, its a process that is as exciting and fun as it is biblical and transformational. Pioneered by master coach Tony Stoltzfus (the author of a dozen coaching books who has trained over 1000 coaches), this innovative coaching method creates change from the inside-out, not the outside-in.

Get More...
We offer you more: more training, more mentor-cooaching, more life-changing experiences, and more instructor contact hours than competing programs, all at a price you'll love. At any of our dozen training sites around the world, you'll learn things like:

  • How to quickly facilitate living encounters with Jesus that transform the heart
  • How to help people surface the deep-seated beliefs, emotional memories and desires that drive their behavior
  • The tools and practices of coaching the emotional brain
  • How to reframe anyone's life story from the viewpoint of heaven with the Seven Frames
  • Goal-setting, action-planning, developing options and other fundamental skills in the Coaching Funnel

A Great Value
Your training will include:

  • Our on-line Foundations of Encounter Coaching course, including nearly seven hours of video coaching demos plus live practice sessions
  • Three powerful, three-and-a-half-day workshopswith eight weeks of structured team follow-up after each.
  • Two of the three include an amazing Taste of Heaven experience
  • Over 30 hours of group mentor coaching sessions to hone your skills
  • Certified instructors who are practicing coaches living the transformed life
  • A Continuing Ed version of Encounter Coaching certification for those who've already have a coaching certificate.
  • A total of 107 live instructor contact hours--much more than competing programs!

Why Become an Encounter Coach?
This program is unique in a couple ways. The obvious one is the emphasis on encounter--asking Jesus questions and hearing him speak to the coachee during your coaching sessions is our foundational method of creating change. Another distincitive is that it accomodates the needs of those who want to coach as part of an existing leadership- or people-helping role. For instance, we require trainees to accumulate 100 coaching hours, but DON'T require that a certain number be paid. LM's program can be an excellent choice if:

  • You want to coach people's hearts and not just their outward behavior
  • You want Jesus to be an integral part of your coaching approach
  • You are passionate about transformational change
  • You want a serious, in-depth training program and not a two-day workshop
  • You like holistic approaches that can deal with obstacles from our past as well ones in our desired future
  • You want an approach to change built on a biblical foundation, and not a port from the secular world

You may NOT want to choose LMI if:

  • You are more interested in coaching performance than transformation
  • You plan to mostly coach in settings where it is inappropriate for God to be part of the conversation.
  • You mainly want to coach destiny discovery (its not a major focus of our curriculum).
  • You want business building to be part of the curriculum (we don't teach that, either).

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Cost Info
The total cost of Coaching the Heart certification is:

  • Continuing Ed: $1482.00*
  • Full Certification: $2934.00*

The prices above include all courses, fees and exams: everything but the required books. You may be able to get a lower rate with our early bird discounts. Core courses purchased individually: you pay as you go instead of in one lump sum.

*Prices are as of Dec 2020, and are subject to change without notice.

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